David Sullivan

It all started with lower back pain. In September of 2011, An MRI revealed a suspicious shadow on David  Sullivan’s rib. His radiologist advised him to have it looked at. His friend at the time, now wife Susan, has been long time friends with Dr. Jones so she reached out to him right away. Dr. Jones ordered a PET Scan. The findings from the scan were undetermined so a biopsy was performed around the area close to his rib. Unfortunately, the biopsy results determined that he had non small cell adenocarcinoma and his prognosis did not look good. The primary lesion in his lung had metastasized to a large part of his bone structure and other organs.

“It’s a matter of life and death with Mike and if you want to live, you go to Mike. You take your chances going some place else and your life is not worth taking that chance.”  Susan Sullivan

After hearing the news David said that he felt all of the emotions that you see on tv. He was in disbelief. He had no other symptoms other than the lower back pain. His next step was his treatment plan. Dr. Jones sat down with him and after the process of scans he said let’s be aggressive with this. His treatment plan involved radiation and chemotherapy.

“He is compassionate. Dr. Jones really is saving your life. He is reading  about what’s next for David Sullivan. He understands the importance of changing that medicine up just enough to keep him going until the next  drug or trial becomes available. He is constantly educating himself. “ Susan Sullivan

Treatment Plan

After about 2-3 months, David was tested to see if he was EFGR mutation positive. In fact he was. So Dr. Jones started him on Tarceva. He stayed on it for 2 years. He continued to have his scans and the scans indicated that  the Tarceva was no longer working. He was fortunate enough to get into a clinical trial. The trial was a Phase IIIb/IV Safety Trial of Nivolumab. He stayed on this trial for about 6 months. The primary lesion in his lung had started to grow. The growth was actually from fluid and not from the cancer. However, The decision was made to withdraw from the trial and get back on the Tarceva for a while. It seemed to help. When the Nivolumab was approved by the FDA for clinical usage he started it again. He stayed on it for several months. Since Nivolumab is an immunotherapy drug It was very effective. He did finish the Nivolumab 90 days ago. He is now taking taking Iressa which is similar to Tarceva.

“We have tried many different things and they all seem to work. Five years ago I was given a prognosis of 2 years and since then we have married, traveled the world and are focused on cramming a lifetime into as many years as we can.” David Sullivan

“We would not be here if Mike was not his doctor” Susan Sullivan

“Dr. Jones does not treat all cancers the same. He treats all patients’ cancers and every patient reacts differently to similar cancers. This is the biggest advantage he has and the fact that he is so involved in research. I would have never gotten on that trial and I probably wouldn’t be here. I can say that about 3 times. He was very instrumental in my Nivolumab trial. It was the hottest thing in lung cancer treatment. “ David Sullivan

What is so special about the Jones Clinic?

“We are very lucky to have him and everybody here. They are compassionate. You feel very comfortable. You know that everyone here is looking after your best interest always. We know what its like at other places so we are very very fortunate to have this relationship. There is a  compassionate attention to detail and care for the patient. The patient comes first here, always. And as Susan said, the disease often becomes the focus when you go some place else. And every thing you read today says that every patient reacts differently to every disease. I have 100% confidence in every one here. We are Blessed.”