Our Mission

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At The Jones Clinic, you are more. More than a patient and more than a number, you are a person. We provide personal, unbiased care to our patients as the only independent oncology practice in the area.

Our independence means your treatment plan is not dictated by cost-saving policies put in place to protect a hospital’s bottom line. It means we have the freedom to provide highly personalized medicine based on your specific illness and needs. In fact, we utilize genetic testing to tailor your treatment for the most successful outcomes.

Our physicians take time to listen. They truly care about you, your treatment and your outcome. At The Jones Clinic, you are more than your illness. And we want to be more than just your doctors.

Why we are different

In an ever-changing healthcare environment, where specialized medical practices are aligning with large corporate hospitals by the dozen, The Jones Clinic remains independent. 

As the only independent oncology practice in the Memphis-area, our personalized treatment plans are not dictated by a hospital's cost-saving policies, but are developed to produce results for each individual patient based on our decades of experience. Our customized approach to diagnosis and treatment gives our patients confidence that we are the best possible partner in their fight against cancer.

Cancer affects each patient in very different ways. Find out more about how our patients were provided the personal care they needed by reading their stories.