Introduction to Cancer Treatment


Each individual’s cancer is unique, even among those with a similar diagnosis. There is no canned approach to cancer treatment. Each patient’s response to various types of treatment will likely vary and the formula may change over time. Because of this variation, personalized cancer treatment has become more and more vital to improve outcomes. The fact that The Jones Clinic is independent allows our practice the freedom to provide highly personalized medicine based on your specific illness and needs. 

Many factors influence your overall treatment plan, including the specific characteristics of your cancer, your overall health, genetics and whether the goal of treatment is to cure your cancer, keep your cancer from spreading or to relieve the symptoms your cancer may be causing. Based on these factors, your Jones Clinic physician may recommend a combination of the following types of treatment to be most effective. While only select treatment options are listed below, you may visit the American Cancer Society or other recommended resources to learn more about other types of treatment or get more information. 


Surgery may be recommended for a variety of reasons for cancer patients including diagnosis, staging and treatment. Many patients diagnosed with cancer will ultimately have some type of surgical procedure. Surgery can be extremely beneficial and is often the best chance for a cure, especially when the cancer is isolated and has not spread throughout the body. 


Chemotherapy, or chemo, is essentially the use of heavy-duty drugs to treat your cancer by targeting cancer cells. While the thought of chemotherapy may be frightening, knowing exactly what it is, how it works and what to expect from chemo may help lessen your worry or anxiety. Be sure to discuss with your physician what types of drugs will be used and what the ultimate goal of chemotherapy will be for you. 

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy destroys or damages cancer cells through high-energy particles or waves. One of the most common types of cancer treatment, radiation therapy can be very effective by itself or combined with other forms of treatment, especially when cancer cells haven’t already spread throughout the body. 

Targeted Therapy

A newer cancer treatment option, targeted therapy, uses drugs or medications to specifically identify and combat cancer cells. Benefits of this type of treatment include little damage to normal, healthy cells, as well as fewer side effects.