Complimentary and Alternative Therapy

Complementary and alternative medicine refers to more non-traditional methods of preventing, diagnosing or treating cancer.

Complementary therapy is typically used along with mainstream or conventional medical treatments and may help address certain symptoms or side effects. Some methods of complementary therapies have actually been called supportive care at times and can include meditation for stress relief, natural remedies for nausea and massage therapy. You should always consult your physician before using any complementary therapies.

Unlike complementary therapy, alternative therapy replaces the use of mainstream or conventional medical treatments. These types of therapies are non-standard treatments as they have either not been scientifically tested or they have been found ineffective. As such, alternative therapies can potentially harm patients or delay treatment of proven, conventional treatment.

The majority of patients who ultimately seek alternative therapies do so after either exhausting conventional therapies or when they feel the risks of mainstream medicine outweigh the risks of the alternative therapy they are seeking.

Please consult with your Jones Clinic physician if you have questions about complementary or alternative therapies or if you are considering these types of therapies.