Life After Treatment

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Completing cancer treatment is a major achievement that brings a sense of relief and accomplishment. Some survivors feel that during treatment they had access to plenty of information and resources, but life after treatment brought on new challenges and questions. The reality is that there are still things you need to address to move on with your life as a survivor.

Most importantly, you’ll want to establish your treatment follow-up with your physician and make sure you are informed and comfortable with the management of any long-term side effects. Follow-up care is necessary to manage those long-term effects and detect possible cancer recurrence as early as possible.

You should then identify resources to help you cope with post-treatment financial and emotional concerns. Click here for more information about insurance issues, job discrimination or patient assistance programs or visit other patient advocate organizations found on our Resources page.

Coping with emotional issues is a burden for many cancer survivors. You may wish to seek support from family, friends or other survivors. Acknowledging your experience through support groups or sharing your story in the community may provide some sense of relief and validation. Click here to learn more about post-treatment support groups offered through The Jones Clinic.