Helpful Hints for Patients

Get educated and ask questions. As you research your cancer and treatment, write down specific questions for your doctor. You may even find it helpful to bring along a loved one to your appointment to help you ask questions and remember conversations between you and your health care team.

Take good care of your body. Find out about good nutrition, relaxation techniques and anything else that helps your body cope and heal. You can also check out our group exercise and wellness programs.

Decide to fight. With all of the overwhelming emotions of a cancer diagnosis, it’s common for patients to feel defeated from the start. Talk about your feelings with your loved ones and try your best to adopt a fighting spirit. A positive mindset will have more impact on your treatment and outcomes.

Seek support. Cancer treatment should not be something you tackle alone. While friends and family are certainly important sources of love and support, other patients who are in a similar situation can be invaluable sources of support, hope and inspiration. Click here to learn more about support groups offered through The Jones Clinic.

Celebrate often. Celebrate any victories – big and small. Reward yourself with a special gift or activity that brings you enjoyment like a massage, spa treatment, a walk in the park or anything special to you.