Germantown Cancer Foundation

The Germantown Cancer Foundation is a private, not-for-profit foundation established by our very own C. Michael Jones, MD, FACP. The foundation was created to offer patient education and support services to cancer patients and to support cancer treatment research aimed to find a cure for cancer.

Pink Ribbon Grant Helps The Foundation Fund Breast Cancer Prevention Projects

The Germantown Cancer Foundation is initiating a number of new programs thanks to a grant from the Breast Cancer Eradication Initiative (BCEI). The BCEI raises funds to fight breast cancer each year through the Pink Ribbon Open. The funds raised during this golf tournament are used for programs that meet the needs of breast cancer patients and provide breast cancer suport, along with the organizations that serve them. The funds provided by BCEI are being used for projects designed to meet the biological, psychological and social needs of patients and providers.

Creative Healing Workshop Series

Patients who survive breast cancer continue to face a number of issues after their initial treatment. It is important that they be able to “grieve” over their experience and express their feelings about their illness. The Germantown Cancer Foundation has established a Creative Healing Workshop Series for breast cancer survivors. Patients use collage, painting, clay sculpting and even doodling as mechanisms for exploring their feelings and addressing the pain of loss.

Community Outreach Program

Grant funds have been used to establish a panel of physicians representing a wide range of specialties to develop a community outreach program open to all cancer patients. Even after completing treatment, cancer survivors continue to face a number of issues and the survivor program raises awareness of the after-effects that can accompany treatment, as well as the positive actions that can be taken in the areas of nutrition, exercise and stress management.

This program is offered at both the Germantown and New Albany, Mississippi offices.

Other programs being supported by this grant include a customized exercise program, music therapy for the treatment room at the Germantown location and a wide range of support group options.


To learn more about the Germantown Cancer Foundation, contact Ellen Eisen by phone at 901-202-7639 or via email.

To donate to The Germantown Cancer Foundation, please send your tax-deductible donations to:

The Germantown Cancer Foundation
Attn: C. Michael Jones
7710 Wolf River Circle
Germantown, TN 38138